Head Office

5758 Royalmount
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H4P 1K5

T: 514.273.2895
F: 514.273.1284

USA (North East) Sales Office

210 11th Avenue, suite 401
New York, NY 10001

T. 212.672.0379
F. 212.672.0376

Casey Glass Slivka

USA (South East) Sales Office

5 Seasons Showroom
AmericaSmart Suite 9S117A
Atlanta, GA

T. 714.747.7134

Diane Leonard

USA (West Coast) Sales Office

Focus Showroom
860 S. Los Angeles St, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90014

T. 213.614.0964

Ryan Anderson

USA (Midwest) Sales Office

Pivet Showroom
400 N Wells St #204-208
Chicago, IL 60654

T. 312.957.8464 x303

Jenny Ori

Canada (Ontario) Sales Office

Anna Litvack Sales

50 Wingold Ave, Suite 7
Toronto, Ontario
M6B 1P7

T. 416.703.9791

Anna Litvack

Canada (British Columbia) Sales Office 

The Dakota Group
177 - 1951 Glen Drive
Vancouver BC
V6A 4J6

T. 604.683.7767
F. 604.683.4299
C. 604.307.6699

Ava Loomer

Canada (Quebec and Maritimes) Sales Office 

Dreizehn Agency Inc.
9150 Meilleur, Suite 219 & 220
Montreal QC
H2N 2A5

T. 514.379.4234

Elizabeth Biscotti



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