About Us

Everything You Need Exists Within You.

The beliefs we first set out when we launched CHRLDR in 2013 still hold true today. Our ethos continues to be inspired by a woman’s journey to growth, acceptance, and self-love; served with a hint of whimsy and a nod to the mystical.

We’re driven by a focus on high-quality design, ease of fit and form, and an authentic attitude.

We're grateful our collections have gained a dedicated following and the support of high-end retailers across North America over the years.

Be Your Own Cheerleader.

We’re on a growth journey as people, and so is CHRLDR. To bring in a nod to the mystical and to connect with our brand’s good vibes, inspirational statements adorn all our clothes — our CHRLDR words of affirmation. Our hope is that every time a CHRLDR piece is worn, a positive intention is set out into the world.


The Shoebox Project

At CHRLDR, we've always believed that fashion has the power to inspire change, and this collaboration exemplifies our commitment to making a positive impact. Through our partnership with The Shoebox Project, we aim to amplify our collective efforts in supporting and uplifting those in need. Join us in spreading warmth, kindness, and a touch of style as we embark on this meaningful journey together.

Visit https://www.shoeboxproject.ca for more information.