On the evening of Sunday, May 15th and into the early hours of Monday, May 16th an alluring reddish Moon will illuminate the skies above North America for the first time in two years.


But this is not just a regular full moon, and a total lunar eclipse will be bringing the earth directly between the sun and moon. In the brief moments of alignment, the sun’s radiance which embodies our ego and all that is visible to the world, will be making its journey through the earth and onto the moon, where all the internal and invisible resides.


The moon carries our personal journeys, and the immensity of our most private, personal lives. Exposed directly by the sun’s light, the Blood Moon —  its powerful red color inspiring its name — will shine its light on all that is true with raw and possibly unnerving clarity.


This eclipse is also a Flower Moon, named in celebration of the Taurus spring. its name explained by the moon’s close proximity to our planet earth. This eclipse takes place in Scorpio, synonym with darkness and transformation.


Harness this potent, powerful energy by taking stock of what can be left behind. The Flower Moon invokes transformation — from seed to flower — and reminds us that rebirth is never easy. Get ready for heightened emotions; but as long as you are willing to face the truths that lie beneath the surface, you will resurface in full bloom.